How to swallow the capsule?

Update:16 Mar 2021

Take a glass of about 200ml of cold or warm water, take a standing or sitting posture, drink a sip of water to moisturize the throat and esophagus, then put the capsule in your mouth, drink another sip of water, and swallow the capsule together with the water , And then drink the remaining water, making sure to flush the capsule into the stomach.

I believe that many people find capsules difficult to swallow, especially larger capsules. In fact, your esophagus can accommodate all types of capsules. If you need to eat a lot of capsules at a time, you can swallow them individually instead of swallowing them all at once. If you force yourself too much, you can easily squeeze your esophagus. In addition, some friends mentioned that children cannot swallow capsules. This is indeed a difficulty in children's medication. Generally, doctors will consider this problem instead of prescribing capsules for children, but choose some dosage forms suitable for children, such as syrup and suspension. liquid. Otherwise, please follow the doctor's advice to see if it is necessary to reduce the amount of medicine in the capsule or peel the capsule to feed your child. Emphasize, please follow the doctor's advice.

Focus on:
Standing or chest up-open the esophagus to prevent the capsule from getting stuck in the esophagus.
The importance of moisturizing-After the esophagus is lubricated, the capsule will enter the stomach more smoothly.
Contain the capsule first, and then drink the saliva-the capsule generally floats on the surface of the water. If you swallow the capsule with water, you will find that the water has gone down and the capsule is still there.

Friends who are prone to play in life like to put a handful of medicine into their mouth every time they swallow medicine, raise their heads, pour it down with a sip, cover their mouths, look into the distance, take a deep breath, and a teardrop as big as a bean falls. On the floor, there is a feeling of filming.
My personal experience tells everyone that I am very clear that this method does not work well when taking capsules. Capsules are different from tablets in that they float on the surface of the water. The esophagus will be more erect with the head up. The density of the capsules is small and may be affected by upward buoyancy and may be easily stuck in the esophagus. Therefore, you can swallow the capsules with your head down to make it easier for the capsules to enter the esophagus.



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