What are the introductions of hypromellose hollow capsules?

Update:01 Dec 2020

Plant raw materials:
Healsee vegetable capsules use hypromellose (HPMC) as raw material, which is derived from plant non-animal sources, which completely isolates the problem of disease residues that may be caused by animal raw materials. Suitable for natural, green and safe health concepts.

Low water content: It is very suitable for the filling of highly hygroscopic and moisture sensitive drugs or functional foods.
Stable properties: no risk of cross-linking reaction, no interaction, high stability. HPMC cellulose is a cellulose derivative, there is no risk of cross-linking reaction of amino acids in gelatin (after cross-linking, it is easy to cause disintegration or reduced dissolution), the drug release rate is relatively stable, and individual differences are small.

No animal collagen and fat, no microorganisms, no preservatives, no chloroethanol residue (no need for ethylene oxide sterilization), safe and reliable. No allergens, plant raw materials, people with allergies can use it with confidence.

Convenience and storage and transportation:
The storage conditions of gelatin capsules are temperature 15-25 ℃, relative humidity 40-60%, there are strict restrictions. Because gelatin capsules may shatter in a low temperature and low humidity environment, they will shrink and deform under high temperature conditions, and will absorb water and deform under high humidity conditions. Therefore, the storage environment of gelatin capsules needs to consider air conditioning to control the temperature and humidity of the environment. Healsee plant capsules can maintain their original characteristics in a low temperature and low humidity environment. In a high temperature and high humidity environment, their characteristics are better than gelatin capsules, which are conducive to storage and transportation.



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