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We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce High quality empty capsules according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.


We are transparent empty capsules manufacturers, we can offer competitive price with good quality .


We finish all the test including Raw materials and Finished Products in our own laboratory, which can ensure the whole process of production is under control.


Our annual production capacity is over 6.5 billions pieces ,we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantity.

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Shaoxing Zhongya Capsule Co., Ltd.,a Chinese-Malaysia joint venture, former Xinchang Yaxing Industrial Co., Ltd., was founded in January 1992. is a

China High quality Transparent empty capsules Manufacturers and Natural empty capsules Suppliers

, The company is located at Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 26,600 m2 in the southeast Xinchang, Specializes in production of pharmaceutical gelatin vacant capsules and...
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What We Do?

Zhongya’s factories were designed to reach GMP requirements with efficient process layout, solid technical strength, fully equipped instruments. Standard management mode and system, under the instruction of ISO9000, had secured the prime production of empty capsules...

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Customized service

We provide customized services for customers, including product size, product color, etc., all of which can be selected by customers. In line with the concept of honesty and pragmatism, the company adheres to the principle of "quality-oriented, continuous innovation" to provide customers with the most satisfactory service.

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What are the introductions of soft shells?

What are the introductions of soft shells?

The soft capsule shell is thicker than the hard capsule shell, and has greater elasticity and plasticity. The elasticity of soft capsules depends on the weight ratio of dry gelatin, dry plasticizer and water in the capsule shell (the plasticizer is glycerin, sorbitol or a mixture of the two). The dr...

What is a hollow capsule?

What is a hollow capsule?

The hollow capsule is composed of a cap and a body two capsule shells made of medicinal gelatin. This product has a cylindrical shape and is a hard and elastic hollow capsule fitted by two sections of a cap and a body. The capsule body should be smooth, uniform in color, smooth cut, no deformation, ...

What are the related introductions of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose hollow capsules?

What are the related introductions of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose hollow capsu...

Pure natural concept, improve digestion and absorption. ★ Low water content, 5%-8%. Strong anti-hygroscopicity, the contents are not easy to agglomerate, and the capsule shell is not easy to deform, become brittle and hard. ★ There is no risk of cross-linking reaction, no interaction, and high stabi...

What are the existing problems of medicinal gelatin?

What are the existing problems of medicinal gelatin?

As a hollow capsule, medicinal gelatin is a special medicinal excipient. It enters the digestive system of the human body together with the medicine, and is finally absorbed by the human body, so its quality is directly related to the safety of the medicine. ... Heavy metal At present, the limit of ...

How to swallow the capsule?

How to swallow the capsule?

Take a glass of about 200ml of cold or warm water, take a standing or sitting posture, drink a sip of water to moisturize the throat and esophagus, then put the capsule in your mouth, drink another sip of water, and swallow the capsule together with the water , And then drink the remaining water, ma...

What is the reason for the medicine to be made into capsules instead of tablets, granules or syrups?

What is the reason for the medicine to be made into capsules instead of tablets,...

The reason the medicine is made into capsules, not tablets, granules, or syrups. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Taste masking: masking the smell or bitterness of the drug. In this case, if you peel off the capsule, you will smell a strong taste, or smelly or sour, and it will be very bitter to ...

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