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Do I drink water first when I eat HPMC capsules?

Update:22 Sep 2021

Drink water before taking HPMC capsules
Who comes first, and who comes after medicine and water? Drink water before taking capsules and before taking syrup.
Most people know that pills and capsules need to be taken with water. However, if this small time to drink the medicine is not right, it may cause discomfort and even affect the effect of the medicine. 
The best drink for taking medicine is plain water. Water can lubricate the esophagus, accelerate the dissolution of the drug in the stomach, and promote absorption. In addition, water can reduce the damage of food and gastric acid to drugs, and reduce the irritation of drugs to the gastrointestinal tract. Different dosage forms of drugs have slightly different requirements for drinking water when they are taken orally:


Drink some water first to prevent your mouth from getting stuck. If the capsule is poured on the palm of your hand, it will easily feel sticky, just like it sticks to your hand. It's the same with medicine. If the mouth is very dry, it is easy to stick to the mouth after taking the capsule directly and it is not easy to swallow. If it adheres to the wall of the esophagus, it may cause damage, and in severe cases, it may cause ulcers. Before taking the capsule, drink about 50 ~ 100ml of water to ensure that the mouth is moist, so as to prevent this from happening. After putting the capsule in your mouth, drink about 200ml of water to help you swallow it.

Orally disintegrating tablet
Do not drink water until it is completely decomposed. Oral disintegrating tablets can quickly disintegrate in the oral cavity, with quick results, and are suitable for children and the elderly. This medicine should not be taken when taking it, otherwise it will affect the efficacy of the medicine. Wait for the orally disintegrating tablet to completely decompose before drinking.

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