Do you know this knowledge of medicinal gelatin hollow capsules?

Update:23 May 2022

Medicinal gelatin hollow capsules are hollow hard capsules made of gelatin for capsules and auxiliary materials.
【Properties】 This product is cylindrical in shape and is a hard and elastic empty bag composed of a cap and a body that can be nested and locked. The capsule body should be smooth, uniform in color, smooth incision, no deformation, and no odor. This product is divided into three types: transparent (both sections do not contain sunscreen), translucent (only one section contains sunscreen), and opaque (both sections contain sunscreen).
【Category】 Pharmaceutical excipients, used in the preparation of capsules.
【Storage】 Airtight, store at a temperature of 10~25℃ and a relative humidity of 35%~65%.

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