Do you know? Will plant capsules replace ordinary capsules on a large scale?

Update:01 Aug 2022

Since the advent of plant capsules in the United States in 2000, it has developed rapidly in Europe and the United States. The United States plans to increase the market share of plant capsules to 80% in the next few years. So what advantages will plant capsules have in the world? approval.

First of all, the raw materials are different. The main raw material of vegetable capsules is medicinal hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), which is the most abundant natural polymer in nature. It is physically extracted from marine or terrestrial plants; gelatin capsules are medicinal gelatin. , Collagen from the skins, tendons and bones of animals (mainly pigs, cattle and sheep) is chemically extracted.

The HPMC in vegetable capsules is stable in nature (does not react chemically with air and water), and does not cross-link with some drugs. It has wide adaptability, stable drug release rate, complete dissolution, more significant curative effect and small individual differences. After HPMC is made into capsule shell, it still has a natural concept, and no preservatives need to be added during the production process; gelatin capsules are easy to breed bacteria and microorganisms, and preservatives need to be added during the production process (resulting in paraben preservative residues and epoxy alcohol, chloroethanol residue, etc.).

Vegetable capsules are not brittle under low humidity conditions, and the capsule shells can still be kept stable under high humidity conditions. The storage conditions are wide, and the temperature is between 10 - 40 ℃ and the humidity is between 35 - 65%, and they will not soften, deform or harden and become brittle. The gelatin capsules are hardened by water loss under low humidity conditions, and the capsules are adhered under high humidity conditions, and the storage and transportation conditions are relatively strict. HPMC is metabolically inert, it is not absorbed in the body, and is directly excreted from the body. The plant capsule is not easy to grow microorganisms, and it will not decompose and deteriorate when placed for a long time. The usual validity period is 36 months.

The raw materials of vegetable capsules are derived from natural plants, providing a better choice for vegetarians and patients of different religious beliefs.

The identification of vegetable capsules is also very simple. When the capsule shell is ignited, the vegetable capsules will smell of burning cotton, and the gelatin capsules will smell of burning protein (similar to the smell of burning hair).

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