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Does the storage of pharmaceutical hard gelatin empty capsules require labeling?

Update:03 Jun 2024

Yes, it is very important to use labels to indicate relevant information when storing pharmaceutical hard gelatin empty capsules. Tags can help manage inventory, ensure the use of correct capsules, and avoid confusion and misuse. The following are some important information that should be included on the label:
Product name and specifications: Clearly indicate the type, size, color, and other specifications of the capsule. For example, "Number 0 Transparent Hard Gelatin Empty Capsule".
Batch number and production date: indicate the batch number and production date of the capsules for tracking and managing inventory. This helps with quality traceability when needed.
Validity period or shelf life: Mark the expiration date or shelf life of the capsule to ensure that it is still in its goodcondition when used.
Storage conditions: Provide instructions on storage conditions, such as suitable temperature and humidity ranges, as well as precautions to avoid light and odors.
Manufacturer Information: Contains the name, address, and contact information of the manufacturer or supplier for easy communication when needed.
Quantity: Indicate the quantity of capsules in the packaging for easy inventory management and retrieval.
Special precautions: If there are other special storage or usage precautions, they should also be explained on the label.
Using labels to indicate this information not only helps to ensure the quality and safety of capsules, but also improves work efficiency and ensures that correct operating procedures are followed during production and use.

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