How to take the capsules?

Update:20 Dec 2021

1. Capsules refer to solid preparations in which medicines and auxiliary materials are filled in hollow hard capsules or sealed in soft capsule materials. If you want to "be simple and speak simpler", then use a hard shell to wrap powder or a soft shell to wrap oil for you to eat.
The shell of a hard capsule is hard, brittle, and has a two-part structure. It is divided into a capsule body and a capsule cap. The body and cap can be separated by hand. After opening, the inside is usually powder or granules.
The soft capsule shell is soft and can not be peeled off completely. It is made by directly encapsulating a certain amount of liquid medicine, or dissolving the solid medicine and sealing it in a soft capsule material.



2. Because hard capsules are more common, and because they are easy to separate, many people like to peel them and eat them
For common hard capsules, the main components of the capsule material are gelatin, glycerin and water.

3. Let’s say a non-topical wit, gelatin is worth mentioning. Generally speaking, the gelatin is divided into bone gelatin and skin gelatin, or a mixture of the two, and the obtained gelatin has good plasticity, hard texture, and both strength and plasticity.

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