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What are the applications of plant hollow capsules?

Update:23 Aug 2021

Plant hollow capsules are widely used in the fields of pharmacy, health care products, cosmeceuticals, scientific research laboratories and other fields. With the increase of the elderly population, the demand continues to rise, and consumers' preference for plant hollow capsules exceeds that of tablets.



Plant hollow capsules disintegrate quickly and absorb quickly. The plant capsule shell is colorless and tasteless, which is convenient for consumers to swallow.

Plant capsules are easy to digest like gelatin capsules and can release active substances gradually as needed. They provide the same high quality as gelatin capsules, but do not contain animal ingredients.

Plant hollow capsule labels appear in more and more dietary supplements and medicines, such as vitamins, multivitamins, probiotics, sports nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, weight loss supplements, anti-anemia preparations and other therapeutic applications.

As consumer preferences increase, these industries will have a high demand for plant hollow capsules. The hollow plant capsule has low moisture content and stable molecular structure, which is especially suitable for filling traditional Chinese medicine preparations.

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