What are the characteristics of capsules?

Update:02 Dec 2021

Capsules are a type of solid dosage form with a wide range of clinical applications, mainly for oral administration, and their main advantages are as follows.



1. Taste masking and improving drug stability. The medicine is packed in the capsule shell, which can isolate the medicine from the outside, reduce the influence of air, light, and moisture, and have a certain shielding, protection and stabilization effect on the medicine with bad smell and unstable.
2. The effect is rapid. The drug is filled in capsules with powder or granules. Compared with tablets, pills, etc., the preparation process is not affected by factors such as mechanical pressure, and the drug can be quickly dispersed, dissolved and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.
3. Solidification of liquid medicine. Liquid medicines or medicines with high oil content can be filled into soft capsules to make solid preparations, which are convenient to take and carry.
4. Delay or localize the release of drugs. After the drug is made into granules or pellets, suitable coating materials can be selected according to the needs to be coated and filled into capsules, so that the drug has a slow-release and delayed effect; the enteric-coated capsule can release the drug in the small intestine; rectum or vagina The administered capsules can make the drugs localized and released; the drugs for treating enteritis or the protein and polypeptide drugs with the colon as the main absorption site can be made into colon-localized drug release capsules.

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