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What are the functions and functions of pearl powder capsules?

Update:08 Aug 2022

Many people pay attention to the maintenance of the skin and the inside of the body. They go to the beauty shop to do some skin care or some diet therapy, etc., and some people take some supplements to maintain it. Many people must have heard of pearl powder capsules, and some people think about it. I have a certain understanding of the effect, but it is not particularly clear. If I want to know more about some functions and functions of pearl powder capsules, Shaoxing Zhongya Capsule Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed look, hoping to help everyone. help.

Pearl powder, sweet, salty, cold in nature; returns to the heart and liver meridians. Soothe the nerves and calm panic; clear the liver and improve eyesight; detoxify and regenerate muscles. Mainly palpitation and palpitations; upset and insomnia; convulsion and epilepsy; red eyes and nebula; sores on the mouth and tongue; ulcers in the throat;

1. Enhance immunity
Pearl powder contains 18 kinds of amino acids such as leucine, methionine, and alanine. Amino acids are necessary for the growth and maturation of lymphoid tissues and organs, and have a significant impact on the rate of intracellular protein synthesis and the type of protein synthesized. Long-term oral administration of pearl powder can effectively improve the activity of T and B lymphocytes in the human immune system, thereby enhancing immune disease resistance.

2. Supplement calcium
Studies by modern nutritionists have proved that the daily calcium required by modern humans is seriously out of balance with the actual calcium intake. As a new type of calcium supplement, pearl powder is increasingly favored and valued by consumers, and is known as "pearl calcium".
First of all, the calcium content is high, pearl powder contains 90-92% active calcium, of which the pure calcium content reaches 38-40%.
Secondly, the digestion and absorption rate of calcium is high. At present, calcium supplements on the market are divided into two types: organic calcium and inorganic calcium. The absorption rate is between 25-32%, calcium gluconate is 27%, and calcium citrate is 30%. , the absorption rate of ordinary pearl powder is 29%, and the absorption rate of nano-sized pearl powder is higher.

3. Slow down aging
The three trace elements of manganese, copper, and zinc contained in pearl powder are the components of SOD. Applying pearl powder to the surface can promote the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in human skin, inhibit the synthesis of melanin, and maintain fair skin. . In addition, since SOD has the effect of scavenging free radicals, coating the face with pearl powder can prevent skin aging and wrinkling.

Through the above details of pearl powder capsules from different aspects, it can be seen that pearl powder capsules are indeed a good supplement, which is very beneficial to human body. deeper insights. The above features and related effects of pearl powder are in-depth. You can decide whether to use pearl powder capsules according to the above combined with your own situation.


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