What are the ingredients of the capsule shell?

Update:30 Apr 2020

The capsule shell ingredients are refined from medicinal gelatin plus auxiliary materials.
Medical gelatin, like edible gelatin, photographic gelatin, and industrial gelatin, is a type of gelatin product that is divided according to the purpose and requirements of gelatin.

The appearance is light yellow or zd yellow particles, dry, clean, uniform, no inclusions, and its solution has no unpleasant odor.

The role of the capsule shell:
1. Put some drugs that have a great stimulating effect on the stomach. Because the stomach will not absorb the capsule shell, the capsules are directly absorbed after entering the small intestine, which avoids the stimulation of the stomach by the drugs.
2. Removing the capsule shell may cause drug loss, drug waste, and reduced efficacy.
3. The capsule shell solves the shortcomings of difficult entrance and bad taste for the user, and truly solves the problem of good medicine bitter mouth.


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