What are the ingredients of the capsule skin?

Update:09 Jul 2020

1. The capsule shell is mainly composed of starch and edible gelatin. It contains some drugs that have a great stimulating effect on the stomach. Because the stomach does not absorb starch, the capsules are directly absorbed after entering the small intestine. Avoid the stimulation of the stomach by the medicine.
The food grade medicinal gelatin is made of fine processing and auxiliary materials, and is an oval hollow shell for holding solid powder and granules. The capsule shell has good bioavailability and can be dissolved quickly, reliably and safely.
The capsule shell is mainly used in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries. Medical hollow capsules are mainly used to contain solid drugs, such as homemade powders, health products, pharmaceuticals, etc. The capsule shell solves the inadequacy of the mouth of the user and the taste, and truly solves the problem of good medicine no longer bitter. The capsule shell hollow capsule is made of medicinal gelatin and auxiliary materials.

2. Storage of capsule shells
1. Because the hollow capsule has the characteristics of too little water content and easy to crack, too much is easy to soften and deform, so the moisture content of the hollow capsule should be controlled between 12.5-17.5%;
2. The container with capsules should be placed on the shelf, avoiding windows and pipes to keep it in a cool and ventilated place, avoiding sunlight and close to heat sources;
3. Do not place and press it at will;
4. The packaging container should be kept sealed before use. If it has been opened, please take corresponding sterilization measures, otherwise it will easily cause bacterial contamination;
5. The inventory temperature should be maintained at 15-25°C; the relative humidity should be maintained at 35-65%;
6. Do not store under the condition of high temperature and high humidity, otherwise it will cause adhesion and deformation due to the softening of heat, and it cannot be placed in an environment where the temperature is too low or too dry, otherwise the capsule will be brittle and brittle;
7. According to the above storage conditions, the capsule can be stored intact for more than 9 months.

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