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What are the introductions about industrial gelatin?

Update:09 May 2022

Industrial Gelatin: Industrial gelatin is a protein partially hydrolyzed from the collagen in the connective or epidermal tissue of animals. It has many excellent physical and chemical properties, such as reversible gel formation, cohesiveness, surface activity, etc., and is widely used as jelly, emulsifier, stabilizer, adhesive and clarifying agent in the food industry.

Identify gelatin
We can use the following three methods for initial identification.
one. Industrial gelatin products are generally of poor quality, have many impurities, and have low viscosity and toughness, so they are particularly fragile. If you find these in the products you buy, you can basically judge that industrial gelatin is added.
two. Industrial gelatin products generally have bright colors. Because edible gelatin is transparent, white, and clean, while industrial gelatin has many impurities. If industrial gelatin is used, the manufacturer will add more flavors, dyes, and colorants to cover up impurities, so the brighter the color, the more likely it is made of industrial gelatin.
three. Things made of industrial gelatin are used to reduce costs. In many cases, the quality, materials, craftsmanship and environment are poor, so the products made are not exquisite.




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