What are the related introductions of hollow capsules?

Update:15 Dec 2020

The hollow capsule is composed of a cap and a body two capsule shells made of medicinal gelatin. This product has a cylindrical shape and is a hard and elastic empty bag that is covered by a cap and a body. The body of the capsule should be smooth, uniform in color, smooth in the incision, no deformation, and no odor. This product is divided into three types: transparent, translucent and opaque.


The application of hollow capsules is mainly used to contain solid drug particles, powders, pellets, microcapsules, liquids and other fillings, but also their mixtures. For example, self-made powders, health care products, medicaments, etc., solve the problems of difficult intake and poor taste for users, and truly realize that good medicines are no longer bitter. Hollow capsules are becoming more and more popular. First of all, the capsules are slender and easy to swallow, making them the most popular dosage form for consumers.

Features of hollow capsules:
1. It can mask the bitterness and odor of drugs;
2. Increased bioavailability of drugs;
3. Improve the stability of the drug;
4. Can be used as sustained-release preparations and compound preparations;
5. The accuracy and uniformity of dosage;
6. Simple formula.

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