What are the related introductions of Transparent Empty Capsule?

Update:29 Nov 2022

Transparent empty capsule is a cylinder with colored parts that is not opaque. It is available in various colors and does not require a film to close. It is used in pharmaceuticals. It has a long shelf life and is ideal for long-term storage. It is also convenient because it can be recycled.
The market for transparent empty capsules is growing due to the increasing need for transparent capsules for use in clinical trials. The transparency of the capsule allows the user to see the contents of the capsule, allowing for better patient safety. Transparent capsules can also be used to monitor the dosage of a drug. The market for these products is expected to grow significantly in Asia Pacific in the next few years. This is due to several factors, such as the presence of key players and government funding for research.

Traditionally, empty gelatin capsules will disintegrate within 10 minutes. However, some contents are sensitive to acid and need a therapeutic effect to reach the intestinal tract. Consequently, the Enteric Empty Gelatin Capsule is more convenient to swallow than tablets. Besides, the capsules are hermetically sealed, which avoids any chance of oxygen reaching the drug content. This means that the drug remains effective longer and reduces harmful effects.
The demand for transparent empty capsules is expected to rise significantly in the next few years. This demand is due to the increased use of gelatin capsules in drug delivery systems. Furthermore, increasing awareness of preventive medicine is expected to further drive the market.


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