What is the difference between hard capsules and soft capsules?

Update:05 Aug 2020

1. The capsule materials of soft capsules and hard capsules are different.
Hard capsules: Gelatin is the main capsule material of hard capsules.
Soft capsule: It is a soft capsule material, the capsule wall is composed of gelatin, plasticizer and water.

2. Hard capsule is a dosage form made by mixing appropriate amount of medicinal material extract, medicinal material extract plus medicated powder or auxiliary materials into uniform powder or granule, and filling it into hard capsule. Mainly oral. Hard capsules are neat and beautiful in appearance, easy to swallow, can mask the bad smell of the medicine, disintegrate quickly, and absorb well. It is suitable for drugs that are sensitive to light, unstable, or unstable when exposed to moisture or heat, or drugs with a peculiar smell, or drugs that need to be released regularly. Drugs for children and drugs that are highly irritating to the gastric mucosa should not be made into capsules.




Soft capsules are dosage forms made by sealing oils or liquid drugs or suspensions that have no dissolving effect on capsule materials such as gelatin. The characteristics are similar to hard capsules. Hard capsules and soft capsules are processed by suitable methods or processed with other medicinal polymer materials to make the shell insoluble in gastric juice, but disintegrate in the intestinal juice to release the active ingredients, and are enteric-coated capsules.

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