Green-HALAL Capsule

Green-HALAL Capsule

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  • The starch empty capsule developed by our company is a kind of the plant vacant capsules. It is made of compound modified  starch  without  any chemical synthetic reagent. Starch  raw  materials  are from non-genetically modified organism  corn,  potatoes,  cassava,  sweet potatoes and other   green   plants.  These   starch   raw  materials   are  processed and refined by advanced technology, and then modified  by  multiple  times  to  produce  modified  starch suitable for capsule production. Starch empty capsules have the following advantages  1、Safety Gelatin  empty  capsule  is  vulnerable   to  animal

    pollution, but the starch empty capsule can  avoid  the   potential   threat   of   animal   pollution. So pharmaceutical companies and people can use  it

    safely; 2、Superior capability the   starch  empty  capsule  is  stable  in structure

    and  difficult  to  crosslink  with  the content. It can  guarantee the efficacy of the medicine; 3、Wide range of applications the  starch  empty  capsule  can  be used  in food,

    health care products, pharmaceuticals and other fields;  What’s  more,  it  can meet  the needs of  Islamic customers because of its plant source; 4、Low cost the  starch  empty  capsule  is  made  of ordinarily  edible  food,  such  as corn,  potato,  cassava and

    so on. So due to its low cost,it has obvious market  competitive advantage compared with other kinds of empty capsules.

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