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  • The starch empty capsule developed by our company is a kind of the plant vacant capsules. It is made of compound modified  starch  without  any chemical synthetic reagent. Starch  raw  materials  are from non-genetically modified organism  corn,  potatoes,  cassava,  sweet potatoes and other   green   plants.  These   starch   raw  materials   are  processed and refined by advanced technology, and then modified  by  multiple  times  to  produce  modified  starch suitable for capsule production. Starch empty capsules have the following advantages  1、Safety Gelatin  empty  capsule  is  vulnerable   to  animal

    pollution, but the starch empty capsule can  avoid  the   potential   threat   of   animal   pollution. So pharmaceutical companies and people can use  it

    safely; 2、Superior capability the   starch  empty  capsule  is  stable  in structure

    and  difficult  to  crosslink  with  the content. It can  guarantee the efficacy of the medicine; 3、Wide range of applications the  starch  empty  capsule  can  be used  in food,

    health care products, pharmaceuticals and other fields;  What’s  more,  it  can meet  the needs of  Islamic customers because of its plant source; 4、Low cost the  starch  empty  capsule  is  made  of ordinarily  edible  food,  such  as corn,  potato,  cassava and

    so on. So due to its low cost,it has obvious market  competitive advantage compared with other kinds of empty capsules.

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Shaoxing Zhongya Capsule Co., Ltd is China Red white HALAL Capsule factory and Red white HALAL Capsule company, The company is located at Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 26,600 m2 in the southeast Xinchang, Specializes in production of pharmaceutical gelatin vacant capsules and HPMC capsules, Zhongya owns a capacity of more than 100 employees and 20,000 m2 of factory area. We provide customized services for customers, including product size, product color, etc., all of which can be selected by customers. In line with the concept of honesty and pragmatism, the company adheres to the principle of "quality-oriented, continuous innovation" to provide customers with satisfactory service. Now, Zhongya holds 12 manufacturing lines with full capability of #00, #0, #0E ,#1, #2, #3,#4 and #00B capsules. 8 new manufacturing lines will be added to achieve a total manufacturing line number of 20 and an annual productivity of 10 billions pieces of capsules.

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Will HPMC empty capsule be cross-linked?

Will HPMC empty capsule be cross-linked?

Normally, HPMC empty capsules do not undergo pass-linking. HPMC is a semi synthetic cellulose derivative that usually does no longer undergo physical or chemical crosslinking reactions similar to gelatin for the duration of the education manner. Unlike gelatin pills, HPMC empty capsules do now not r...

How stable is the HPMC empty capsule?

How stable is the HPMC empty capsule?

HPMC empty capsules typically have good stability, making them a common desire for the instruction and packaging of medicine, nutritional supplements, and different oral formulations. The following are some applicable elements related to the stableness of HPMC empty capsules:1.Chemical balance: HPMC...

Can HPMC empty capsule withstand gastric acid?

Can HPMC empty capsule withstand gastric acid?

Yes, HPMC empty capsules have certain gastric acid resistance. This means that they can maintain relative balance when getting into the stomach and could not dissolve or rupture upfront underneath the movement of gastric acid. This function is critical for the guidance and delivery of oral pills or ...

What is the moisture content of HPMC empty capsule?

What is the moisture content of HPMC empty capsule?

The water content material of HPMC empty capsules is normally between five% and seven%, a few even less than 3%, which is almost 60% lower than the water content material of gelatin pills.It must be mentioned that the stability of the pill shell itself is carefully related to its water content mater...

Can Metallic capsules be exposed to extreme conditions?

Can Metallic capsules be exposed to extreme conditions?

Metallic capsules may be affected by extreme conditions, depending on the specific metal material and exposure conditions. In some cases, metals may be affected by corrosion, oxidation, or fatigue, leading to changes in their structure and properties. For example, exposure to high temperatures or co...

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