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Are Natural Empty Capsules Safe For Human Consumption?

Update:22 May 2023

Capsules are a popular oral dosage form that carries powdered APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients), herbal powders, or vitamin supplements for easy and convenient delivery of these substances. These capsules come in various sizes from size 000 to size 5 and are available in both hard and soft forms.

The global empty capsules market is mainly driven by rising demand for preventive care, increase in awareness regarding the usage of empty capsules and their applications, rise in focus on home care settings, technological advancements and increasing production volumes in the pharmaceutical industry. These trends are expected to drive the global market at a significant rate over the forecast period.

Traditionally, hard gelatin capsules were manufactured from animal bones and hides. However, today, a vegetarian option has become available in the form of HPMC or Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) capsules which are used to produce a wide range of medicinal products including pharmaceutical empty hard capsules.

These capsules are a healthy alternative to gel capsules and can be filled with all types of herbal supplements, herbs, vitamins, or powders. These capsules are easy to digest and meet a variety of certifications and standards of safety, including Kosher, Halal, and non-GMO certifications.

These clear gel vegetarian capsules are 100% allergen-free, guaranteed to dissolve fast in your system, and contain no preservatives or gelatin. These capsules are a natural, easy-to-digest, and cost-effective solution for people who want to add their own healthy, organic herbal supplements to their diet.




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