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Do you know about medicinal gelatin?

Update:30 May 2022

Medicinal gelatin, as the name suggests, is the gelatin used in the production of medicinal products. How it is used: some are direct, such as the production of cod liver oil; some are indirect, such as hard capsules, which are used as packaging for medicines. Like edible gelatin, photographic gelatin, and industrial gelatin, medicinal gelatin is a type of gelatin product that is divided according to the usage and quality index requirements of gelatin. Appearance is light yellow or yellow particles, dry, clean, uniform, no inclusions, and its solution has no uncomfortable odor. Sometimes, people are used to calling medicinal gelatin medical gelatin, or medicinal gelatin, which is a concept.

Various properties of gelatin, such as gelatin, solid water, adhesiveness and solubility, as well as its chemical purity, make gelatin have a wide range of uses in the pharmaceutical industry, the most important of which are hard capsules, soft capsules, plasma substitutes and Coating, etc.




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