Do you know the advantages of HPMC capsules?

Update:12 Oct 2022

(1) Advantages of water content The water content of gelatin capsule shells is 12.5%-17.5%, while the water content of HPMC capsules is only 5%-7%, and some are less than 3%, which is lower than that of capsules. nearly 60%. 1. The stability of the capsule shell itself When the water content is lower than 10%, the gelatin capsule shell will become brittle, and there is a risk of brittleness of more than 10%; when the water content continues to decrease to 5%, 100% brittleness will occur. ; And even if the water content of HPMC capsule shell is less than 1%, it will not break. Under high humidity conditions, the shell of gelatin capsules will become soft and sticky, resulting in adhesion to each other or to the packaging material; while HPMC capsules exchange moisture with the environment during long-term storage, which will increase the water content of the capsules in the specified packaging. , but not more than 9% within 5 years. 2. Influence on filling drugs The water content of gelatin capsule shells is higher than that of HPMC capsule shells. When filling easily water-absorbing drugs, water will migrate to the drugs, resulting in brittle capsule shells and slow disintegration, while HPMC capsule shells do not have this situation. . Therefore, for the contents that are sensitive to moisture and highly absorbent, HPMC capsules should be selected, such as dry powder for inhalation and traditional Chinese medicine extracts.

(2) Natural Concept Advantage The main component of the gelatin capsule shell is protein, which is easy to breed bacteria, so it is necessary to add preservatives, and sterilize with ethylene oxide before packaging; while the main component of the HPMC capsule shell is hypromellose, It is not easy to grow microorganisms, so no preservatives are added during production, and no sterilization is required, which fundamentally solves the problem of chloroethanol residues.

(3) Advantages of chemical structure The main component of gelatin capsules is gelatin (protein), which undergoes cross-linking reaction when encountering amino acids, aldehydes, reducing sugar-based compounds and vitamins. The main component of HPMC capsule shell, HPMC, is a polymer obtained by modifying natural macromolecular cellulose, which is chemically inert and has no interaction with fillers.

(4) Safety plant-derived HPMC capsules will not be infected with animal-derived diseases, nor will the heavy metal "chromium" exceed the standard.

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