Do you know this knowledge about capsules?

Update:20 Jun 2022

Capsules are preparations prepared by filling drugs into capsules according to doses, specifically, it refers to solid preparations prepared by filling drugs in hollow capsules or sealing them in elastic soft capsules.

In general, capsules are widely used, mainly because they can mask the unpleasant odor of drugs and are easier to swallow; in addition, they can improve the stability and bioavailability of drugs and release drugs in timed positioning, so they can compensate for The deficiencies of other solid dosage forms make capsules more generally accepted.

And the materials that constitute the hollow hard capsule shell or elastic soft capsule shell of the capsule are mostly gelatin, glycerin, water and other medicinal materials, but according to the proportion of each component of the capsule, the preparation method of the capsule is not the same. Often different.

Drug capsules generally use gelatin as the main raw material. Sometimes, in order to change the solubility of drugs or to achieve enteric coating, methyl cellulose, calcium alginate, denatured gelatin, PVA and other polymer materials are also used. It should be noted that any drugs that are easily dissolved in the capsule material, easily weathered, and are highly irritating should not be made into capsules.

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