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Does pharmaceutical hard gelatin empty capsule need to be stored in a sealed container or packaging?

Update:27 May 2024

Yes, pharmaceutical hard gelatin empty capsules should be stored in sealed containers or packaging. There are several important reasons for this:
Moisture proof protection: Sealed containers or packaging can prevent moisture from entering the air, help maintain the moisture content of the capsule within an appropriate range, and prevent the capsule from becoming soft, sticky, or brittle due to moisture absorption or loss.
Prevent odor absorption: Sealed packaging can effectively prevent the capsule from absorbing odors from the surrounding environment, maintain its own odorless characteristics, and ensure that the capsule does not affect the sensory properties of the drug during use.
Preventing contamination: Sealed packaging can prevent capsules from being exposed to the air, thereby reducing the invasion of dust, microorganisms, or other pollutants, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the capsules.
Maintaining freshness: Sealed containers or packaging can extend the shelf life of capsules, maintain their quality and stability, and ensure that they still meet quality standards during use.

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