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Hollow capsule capsule shell

Update:03 Apr 2020

Medical hollow capsules are mainly used to hold solid medicines, such as homemade powders, health products, medicaments, etc., which solves the difficult entrance and poor taste for users, and truly solves the problem that good medicines are no longer bitter.
Hollow capsules are refined from medicinal gelatin and excipients. Gelatin is widely used in many foods, such as puddings, sweets, candied fruits, chewing candies, sugar coatings, food toppings, and dippings. In foods, gelatin can help food to solidify, thicken, stabilize, and ventilate. Welcome, nutritious and low fat food ingredients. Gelatin itself is a water-soluble protein extracted from collagen, which is the main natural protein component in connective tissue. Gelatin is obtained from the skin and bones of animals through a controlled extraction process. There are many types of gelatin. Capsules are made from pharmaceutical grade gelatin, which meets the stringent requirements for pharmaceutical products. The process for making capsules is to first form a layer of gelatin film on a stainless steel mold. The gelatin film is then dried and hardened to form a capsule, which is then removed from the mold. There are generally two sizes of molds, one for making capsules and the other for larger capsule caps.

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