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Hollow capsule shell ~ the secret you don't know?

Update:19 Sep 2022

1. The use of hollow capsule shells
Solid drugs can be loaded to avoid the influence of moisture, air, and light, and can also mask the bitterness, odor and other bad odors of active ingredients.

2. Appearance of the capsule shell The capsule shell consists of two overlapping shell flaps (capsule cap and capsule body). The caudal end of each lobe is rounded and closed, and the other end is open. The large-aperture capsule cap covers the small-aperture capsule body, and the sealing performance is good after locking.
There are eight capsule shell specifications, the most commonly used are 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#. The smaller the capsule shell number, the larger the volume.
There are many colors of the capsule shell, such as red and yellow, blue and white, dark and light green, golden yellow, red and white, transparent, etc.



Yellow yellow transparent HALAL Capsule

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