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How Pharmaceutical Hard Gelatin Empty Capsules Are Made?

Update:19 Dec 2022

The manufacturing of pharmaceutical hard gelatin empty capsules involves several steps. These steps begin with the preparation of the gelatin itself. Then, standardized steel moulding pins are dipped into the gelatin mass solution for a short period of time. Once the pins have been coated with the gelatin mass solution, they are transferred to a drying area. The pins then go through a number of stages of drying.

A gelatin capsule contains a small amount of animal protein, which is usually derived from beef or pork. Depending on the type of gelatin, it can either be acidic or basic. Gelatin is an essential component of human nutrition. It is sometimes spelt as gelatine in the UK. Since gelatin comes from an animal source, it is generally considered safe for human consumption.

It is important to select a supplier who adheres to high quality standards. An inferior capsule will not effectively deliver the medicine it contains. In addition, an inferior capsule may contain contaminants that can negatively affect the contents of the capsule. Therefore, it is crucial to look for a reputable supplier with an industry-standard manufacturing process.

In addition to understanding the process and product variables, manufacturers must ensure that their hard gelatin capsules are stored according to recommended conditions.


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