How to distinguish the quality of hollow capsules?

Update:20 Mar 2020

Pull the capsule apart and throw it in cold water. The one that melts quickly is good, otherwise it is not.
Hollow capsules consist of two capsule shells made of medicated gelatin and auxiliary materials. Mainly used to hold solid medicine. Such as self-made powders, health products, and medicaments, it solves the problem of difficult entrance and poor taste for users, and truly realizes that good medicines are no longer bitter. Hollow capsules are becoming more and more popular. First, the shape of the capsules is slender and easy to swallow. It is the most popular dosage form for consumers. In addition, the capsules can effectively cover the unpleasant taste and odor of the contents.
There are a variety of capsule sizes, including the 00 long and 5 capsules. Capsules can also be printed with text, logos and patterns for a unique custom look.

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