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How to pack Chinese medicine powder into capsules?

Update:08 Oct 2021

First grind the Chinese medicine into powder. Generally, pharmacies have special machines for grinding Chinese medicine. After buying Chinese medicine powder at the pharmacy, you can directly ask the clerk to help grind it into powder.
Buy empty capsules filled with powder. These empty capsules are generally sold in pharmacies, or you can buy them online.
When buying capsules online, there is usually a small shovel for powdered medicine or other tools for powdered medicine.
Break the empty capsule apart, put the powder into the capsule with a small spatula, and then close the lid of the capsule to seal the capsule.
This kind of small shovel filled with powdered powder is very convenient to use. The amount of one scoop with a shovel each time is about three-quarters of the empty capsule's capacity.
After filling the powder into the empty capsule, please seal the capsule container and store it in a cool and dry place, and take it daily as needed.


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