How to store the capsule shell?

Update:28 Jan 2021

1. Because hollow capsules have the characteristics of too little water content, which are easy to break and too much to soften and deform, the water content of hollow capsules should be controlled between 12.5 and 17.5%;
2. The container with the capsule should be placed on the shelf, avoid windows and pipes to keep it in a cool and ventilated place, avoid sunlight and close to heat sources;
3. Don't place and press at will;
4. The packaging container should be kept sealed before use. If it has been opened, take corresponding sterilization measures, otherwise it is easy to cause bacterial contamination;
5. The inventory temperature should be kept at 15-25℃; the relative humidity should be kept at 35-65%;
6. Do not store under high temperature and high humidity conditions, otherwise it will become sticky and deformed due to heating and softening, and cannot be placed in an environment that is too low or too dry, otherwise the capsule will easily become brittle and brittle;
7. Stored under the above storage conditions, the capsule can be stored intact for more than 9 months.


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