How to take the capsules with water?

Update:25 Apr 2021

Warm or cold water

The capsule shell is easy to dissolve in hot water, and it will be sticky after dissolving (I believe everyone has the experience, touching the capsule with wet hands will feel sticky). Capsules are more viscous and are more likely to get stuck in the esophagus. As the hot water stays in the esophagus, the capsules will dissolve in the narrow part of the esophagus, resulting in excessive local drug concentration, which may cause damage to the esophagus. Especially for some medicines used to treat osteoporosis, if they accidentally stick to the esophagus when taken, the released chemicals will cause severe burns to the esophageal mucosa.

This is the process that the capsule enters the stomach from the mouth when the capsule is swallowed. There are several narrow places in the esophagus that are easy to get stuck and should be avoided as much as possible. Stuck feeling Many people have experienced that there is a foreign body sensation in the esophagus when swallowing saliva. The best way at this time is the old saying, drink plenty of water.


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