Is there any need to avoid eating gelatin hollow capsules?

Update:11 May 2021

During the period of drug taking, we are all particular about our diet, such as eating less spicy food and quitting smoking and alcohol. Is there anything to avoid eating gelatin hollow capsules? We recommend that you avoid eating gelatin capsules during the period of taking the medicine, so as not to have a certain impact on the efficacy of the medicine.

The suitable group of gelatin hollow capsules is the patients who hope that the good medicine will no longer be bitter. If you use it, you should pay attention to the details. Gelatin hollow capsules are easy to swallow and are a more popular dosage form for consumers; in addition, the capsules can effectively conceal the uncomfortable taste and smell of the contents, and truly realize that the good medicine is no longer bitter. Capsules have good bioavailability because the capsules can dissolve quickly, reliably and safely. The gelatin hollow capsule is cylindrical, and is a hard and elastic hollow capsule composed of a cap and a body that can be sleeved and locked. The body of the capsule should be smooth, uniform in color, smooth in the incision, no deformation, and no odor. Gelatin hollow capsules are divided into three types: transparent (both sections do not contain sunscreen), translucent (only one section contains sunscreen), and opaque (both sections contain sunscreen). Be careful not to take gelatin hollow capsules together with other medicines. It is likely to cause some unnecessary consequences or cause getting along with each other.


Pink-Gelatin capsule

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