What are the characteristics of plant capsules?

Update:28 Oct 2020

Three characteristics of plant capsules

1. Security:
Since hypromellose is derived from non-transgenic plants, commonly known as hollow capsules of plant origin, its harmful substance residues are far lower than traditional hollow gelatin capsules. It does not contain protein and amino acids. In addition, with special production processes, bacteria are very Difficult to re-pollution, worry about the residue of chlorine-free ethanol, safer.

2. Stability:
Hypromellose hollow capsules have a water content of between 5% and 7%, especially requiring a water content of up to 3%. They are suitable for filling various contents to ensure that there is no cross-linking reaction, and the sub-molecular structure is stable and more suitable for filling. Oxygen-sensitive and rapid-release drugs make the contents safer, dissolve more thoroughly, and have a more significant effect.

3. Universality:
Hypromellose hollow capsules have low water content and stable molecular structure. They are especially suitable for the filling of traditional Chinese medicine preparations. The products are not as strict as gelatin hollow capsules for storage and transportation, environment and geographical requirements. They can meet the requirements of various contents. The human body does not have any side effects, and it also provides new choices for vegetarians and people of different religions.


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