What are the ingredients of medicinal capsules?

Update:21 Mar 2022

Capsule shell hollow capsules are refined from medicinal gelatin and auxiliary materials. ​​



About food-grade gelatin: Edible gelatin is used in many foods such as puddings, sweets, preserves, chewable candies, icings, canned foods, and dips. In food, gelatin helps to coagulate, thicken, stabilize, and aerate, and is a very popular, nutrient-dense, and low-fat food ingredient. Edible gelatin itself is a water-soluble protein extracted from collagen, the main natural protein component in connective tissue. Edible gelatin is obtained from the skin and bones of animals through a controlled extraction process. There are many types of edible gelatin. Capsule shells are made from pharmaceutical grade gelatin that must meet stringent requirements for use in pharmaceutical products.

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