What are the introduction and precautions for taking gelatin capsules?

Update:29 Dec 2020

Capsules are a common form of medicine in our daily lives. Most capsule shells are made of gelatin. The shape of the capsule is slender and easy to swallow. It is a more popular dosage form for consumers. At present, gelatin hollow capsules have been widely used in medicine, health food and other fields. In the experience of taking gelatin capsules, some people are used to taking it with cold water, some are used to taking it with hot water, and some people swallow it directly. In fact, taking gelatin is very particular.

Introduction to gelatin capsules
Gelatin capsule is a kind of health product, the main ingredient is gelatin. Gelatin is partially degraded by collagen in connective tissues such as animal skin, bone, muscle membrane, muscle charm, etc., and becomes white or light yellow, translucent, slightly shiny flakes or powdered edible gel/hydrocolloid.
Most capsules are made of gelatin. Gelatin is widely used in many foods, such as puddings, sweets, preserves, chewing candies, icing, canned food, and dips. In food, gelatin can help food solidify, thicken, stabilize, and ventilate. It is a very popular, nutritious and low-fat food ingredient. Gelatin itself is a water-soluble protein extracted from collagen, and collagen is the main natural protein component in connective tissue. Through a controlled extraction process, gelatin is obtained from animal skin and bones.
There are many types of gelatin. The capsules are made of pharmaceutical grade gelatin, which meets the strict requirements for pharmaceutical products. The procedure for making capsules is to first form a layer of gelatin film on a stainless steel mold. The gelatin film then dries and hardens to form a capsule, which is then removed from the mold. Generally, there are two sizes of molds, one is used to make the capsule body, and the other is larger in diameter to make the capsule cap.

Orange-Gelatin capsule

Precautions for taking gelatin capsules
1. It should not be taken apart when taking gelatin capsules
Some drugs have a stimulating effect on the esophagus and gastric mucosa, and may even cause burns. These drugs are packed in capsules to protect the esophagus and respiratory tract from damage. Some capsules are enteric-coated capsules. The shell of the gelatin capsule can transport the medicine all the way into the intestine, so that the ingredients of the medicine can avoid the decomposition of gastric acid and reach the intestine safely to be effectively absorbed. In addition, the shell of the gelatin capsule also stabilizes the efficacy . If the capsule shell is removed while taking the gelatin capsule, it may reduce the efficacy of the medicine and increase the side effects.
2. It is not advisable to swallow directly when taking gelatin capsules
When taking a gelatin capsule, if it is swallowed dry and hard, it may cause the gelatin of the capsule to adhere to the esophagus after absorbing water. The local drug concentration is too high, which can harm the esophagus and cause mucosal damage and even ulcers.
3. It is not advisable to take the gelatin capsules with hot water
Gelatin capsule shell will absorb water and become soft in cold water, but will melt and dissolve quickly in hot water. If the medicine is taken with hot water, the shell of the capsule is easily damaged, and the medicine inside will be released in advance, which affects the effectiveness and safety. Therefore, it is more appropriate to take the gelatin capsule medicine with cold water (not too ice) or warm water.

The correct way to take gelatin capsules
Take a glass of moderate temperature water (cold water or warm water), take a standing or sitting posture, drink a sip of water to moisturize the throat and esophagus, then put the capsule in your mouth, drink another sip of water, and tilt your head back , Swallow the capsule with water, and then drink the remaining water to ensure that the capsule is flushed into the stomach.

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