What are the introductions of gelatin for capsules?

Update:05 Jan 2021

This product is light yellow to light yellow, translucent, slightly shiny powder; odorless; easy to become fine after moisture absorption
Bacteria decompose; long-term immersion in water will swell and soften by absorbing water, and the weight can increase by 5 to 10 times.
This product dissolves in hot water, acetic acid or a hot mixture of glycerin and water, but is insoluble in ethanol, chloroform or ether.

(1) Take about 0.5g of this product, add 50ml of water, heat to dissolve, take 5ml of the solution, add potassium dichromate
A few drops of the mixed solution of 4 parts of test solution and 1 part of dilute hydrochloric acid resulted in orange flocculent precipitation.
(2) Take 1ml of the remaining solution in the identification (1), add 100ml of water, shake well, add a few drops of the tannic acid test solution, and it will become muddy.
(3) Take this product, add soda lime, and heat it to decompose to produce ammonia. When it meets the wet red litmus paper, it turns blue.



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