What are the introductions of starch plant capsules?

Update:21 Jul 2021

Starch plant capsule technology is a kind of capsule technology that is more friendly to humans and the earth. VegeGel is a starch plant capsule brand based on plant starch. At present, the plant capsule technology is widely used in high-end nutritional products in Europe and the United States, bringing natural and high-quality choices to local consumers.



Starch plant capsules are plant capsules made of tapioca starch, glycerin, and purified water. Compared with traditional capsules, they are undoubtedly a more natural and safer choice. They have the advantages of natural plant extraction, no peculiar smell, no preservatives, and no fungicides. Consumers pay more attention to the efficacy and nutritional components when purchasing nutritious health foods, and often ignore the capsule shell. In fact, the function of the capsule is not only to wrap the functional ingredients. Many nutrients will interact with the capsule as the temperature and humidity change, resulting in a decrease in the activity of the nutrient ingredients and a decrease in the absorption rate after the body is taken; while the starch plant Since the capsule is plant-inert, it is not easy to react with the nutrient contained in the environment and temperature, thereby protecting the nutrient contained in the capsule.

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