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What are the knowledge introductions of Filling a Hard Gelatin Capsule?

Update:02 Feb 2023

Using a hard gelatin capsule for dosing a medicine can be a simple and cost-effective process. The capsule can be filled manually or with a machine. The material used in the shell of the capsule can also be a factor in the performance of the capsule.

The capsule is filled with a powder or active ingredient. It is then placed on a removable plate with the body facing down.
The capsule is then manually filled using a plastic spatula. It is then lowered into the gelatin bath. The temperature of the bath is then adjusted to suit the viscosity of the solution.

The gelatin solution is then transferred to a capsule manufacturing machine. After this, the solution is dried in a gentle manner. Colorants are added to the solution to help differentiate brands. The color of the capsule can also be used to help communicate functional values and benefits.

A hard gelatin capsule is an established pharmaceutical dosage form. It has a proven safety record. It also provides optimal protection for the fill ingredients. It dissolves in the stomach within 20-30 minutes.
The shape of the shell has remained virtually unchanged since its invention. This capsule has a patented design that maximises its function. It also does not require refrigeration during transportation. The capsule shell is available in a variety of sizes.

Hard gelatin capsules can be manufactured from bovine or porcine raw materials. Some manufacturers opt for a mixture of these raw materials to obtain a more robust capsule.




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