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What are the knowledge introductions of Global Empty Capsule Market?

Update:06 Feb 2023

Increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and geriatric population is a key driver for the growth of the global empty capsules market. In addition, rapid technological advancements in capsule delivery technologies is also expected to augment market growth. The market is expected to reach $5,230.4 million by 2030.

Empty capsules are used for delivering drugs in a controlled and safe manner. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These capsules are manufactured by various companies, and are used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. These capsules are mainly made of gelatin. These capsules offer uniform mixing of drugs and are easy to swallow, as compared to tablets.

The empty capsules market is categorized into gelatin capsules and non-gelatin capsules. Gelatin capsules are a type of capsule that offers a barrier to atmospheric oxygen, preventing the oxidation of the drug molecules. These capsules are widely used for manufacturing antibacterials, cold and cough drug preparations, and antibiotics.
They can be used with various weights of active ingredients.

In 2020, the global empty capsules market was valued at USD 2,382.7 million. The market is projected to reach USD 3.7 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 7.2%. The major players in the global empty capsules market are Snail Pharma Industry Co. Ltd., Bright Pharma Caps Inc., Medi-Caps Ltd., Roxlor LLC, ACG Worldwide, and CapsCanada Corporation.

Empty capsules are manufactured through various steps, and are tested for safety. Several studies are conducted to evaluate the efficacy of enclosed drugs. The study also evaluates the safety of drugs encapsulated in capsules. Capsules are considered to be one of the most widely used drug delivery forms.




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