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What are the sources of natural pigments in HPMC capsules?

Update:02 Sep 2021

The natural pigments in HPMC capsules are divided into three categories according to their source:



1. Plant pigments. Such as 11r chlorophyll (green) in green leaves, carotene (orange) in carrots, and lycopene (red) in tomatoes.

2. Animal pigments. Such as hemoglobin in shrimp muscle (red), hemoglobin in shrimp shell (red).

3. Microbial pigments. Such as red currant pigment (red bean) coated on the surface of the tofu

After more than ten years of hard work, my country's natural pigment industry has developed significantly, and new varieties of natural pigments have been increasing, and it has become the world's largest natural pigment production and sales country.

Due to technical and cost reasons, the domestic end market awareness of lutein is still in its infancy. The application of lutein is still mainly concentrated in the field of feed additives. Industry technology and people's consumption levels have improved. Lutein is a food additive, etc. To other applications.

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