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What is Empty Gelatin Capsule Shell?

Update:05 Dec 2022

Empty gelatin capsule shells come in many sizes, ranging from 000 to 5. This type of capsule has remained virtually unchanged since the 1960s when the first automatic filling machines were introduced. This type of capsule shell should maintain its stability for five years or more, depending on its storage condition and intended use.

The gelatin capsule shell is made of three main components. The capsule shell is made of gelatin and the filling ingredient is a liquid. These ingredients must be compatible with each other. A suitable liquid filling agent will also allow the capsule shell to flow below 70 oC. These features make these capsules superior to other dosage forms. However, these ingredients need to be compatible with the capsule shell's integrity, as well as the formulation.

The manufacturing process of an empty gelatin capsule shell begins with the preparation of the gelatin. Steel moulding pins are then dipped in the gelatin for a brief period of time. After that, the pins are transferred to a drying area. They pass through several stages of drying before they are ready to be used.

Gelatin capsules are the most commonly used delivery system for pharmaceutical and dietary substances. Two-piece gelatin capsules are rapidly gaining momentum in the health sector. Their robust performance and excellent taste are making them an increasingly popular option. In addition, empty gelatin capsules meet the stringent regulatory requirements of major pharmaceutical firms, making them an excellent choice for marine supplements.


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