What is hypromellose hollow capsule?

Update:11 Jun 2020

Hypromellose hollow capsules Vacant Capsules From Hypromellose Chinese medicine standard word: F20120001 Hypromellose is a derivative of plant fibers, its main components are composed of plant cell walls and polysaccharides, the molecular structure is very stable, and excellent film forming .
Three characteristics of plant capsules:
1. Safety: Since hypromellose is derived from non-transgenic plants, commonly known as plant-derived hollow capsules, its harmful substance residues are far lower than traditional gelatin hollow capsules, which itself does not contain protein and amino acids, plus special production In the production process, it is difficult for bacteria to be contaminated again, and there is no worry of residual chloroethanol, which is safer.
2. Stability: Hypromellose fiber hollow capsules have a water content of 5%-7%, and the water content is particularly required to be up to 3%. It is suitable for filling various types of content to ensure that it has no cross-linking reaction and is composed of daughter molecular structures. Stable, more suitable for filling oxygen-sensitive, quick-release drugs, making the contents safer, dissolving more thoroughly, and more effective.
3. Universality: Hypromellose hollow capsules have low water content and stable molecular structure. They are especially suitable for the filling of traditional Chinese medicine preparations. The products do not require harsh gelatin hollow capsules for storage, transportation, environment and geographical requirements, and can meet the requirements of various contents. Because it is a plant fiber that has no side effects on the human body, it also provides new options for vegetarians and people of different religions.


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