What is the composition of the capsule skin?

Update:01 Apr 2022

First,there are several kinds of capsule skins, one is gelatin capsule skin, and the other is starch capsule skin;
1. Gelatin capsule skin: It is mainly made of animal leather. There have been poisonous capsule incidents in 12 years, so you need to be cautious when purchasing;
2. Starch capsule skin: The capsule skin is mainly made of plant starch, which is much safer than the gelatin capsule skin, but you still need to be cautious when purchasing, so as not to be deceived. It is better to choose a larger brand. Assure,



Second, the main characteristics of starch capsule skin
(1) Made of 100% natural tapioca starch
Starch capsules are made of 100% natural tapioca starch, added with appropriate amount of purified water, and are made by a special process, without any chemical additives and preservatives.
(2) Free from animal origin and infectious diseases
No animal-derived substances and no animal protein are added in the production, which completely eliminates the potential safety hazards caused by mad cow disease and poisonous capsules.
(3) Non-GMO
The starch used in the production does not use genetically modified varieties, and the production raw materials are strictly controlled, and it has passed the international SGS non-genetically modified certification.
(4) No pesticide residues
The raw material cassava used in production is imported from Cambodia. No pesticides are used in the organic cultivation process. At the same time, advanced technology is adopted in the production process to further ensure that the products are free of pesticide residues.
(5) No carcinogen residues
Strictly control the production conditions, never use ethylene oxide to sterilize the product, and there will be no residual carcinogenic substances.
(6) Care for the stomach
Taking the powder directly can easily burn the esophagus and gastric mucosa, causing ulcers. Some powders are too irritating, and they are easy to choke into the trachea, which corrodes the tracheal mucosa. The use of starch empty sacs as a carrier can protect the stomach and intestines well.
(7) No cross-linking reaction with drugs
Starch is a material with stable molecular structure, which will not cross-link with aldehyde groups or other compounds.
(8) Better drug utilization and absorption
The active ingredients in starch are more helpful to stimulate the activity of the powder, which is beneficial to the human body's absorption and increases the efficiency of the use of precious Chinese medicinal materials.
(9) Easy to be accepted by people with special culture
The raw material of starch empty capsules is pure starch, which is more in line with the dietary habits of people with special religious beliefs and vegetarians. The products are certified by the European Union Vegetarian Association, Halal and Kosher.
(10) Easy to store and carry
Starch empty capsules have lower requirements on temperature and humidity, and can be stored and carried under normal conditions.

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