What is the composition of the hard shell of the capsule? what's the effect?

Update:29 Sep 2020

The capsule shell is mainly composed of starch, and some drugs that have a great stimulating effect on the stomach are filled into the zhi. Since the stomach will not absorb starch, the capsule will directly absorb the drug after entering the small intestine, avoiding the drug's irritation to the stomach. .

It is made of edible-grade medicinal gelatin through fine processing and auxiliary materials, which is used to contain solid powders and particles. The capsule shell has good bioavailability and can be dissolved quickly, reliably and safely.

Capsule shells are mainly used in medicine and pharmaceutical industries. Medical hollow capsules are mainly used to contain solid medicines, such as self-made powders, health products, medicaments, etc. The capsule shell solves the disadvantages of difficult intake and poor taste for users, and truly solves the problem of bitter taste of good medicine.
Extended information:
First, a gelatin film is formed on the stainless steel mold. The gelatin film then dries and hardens to form a capsule, which is then removed from the mold. Generally, there are two sizes of molds, one is used to make the capsule body, and the other is larger in diameter to make the capsule cap. However, some capsules are made of industrial gelatin, which will exceed the standard of chromium.

In food, gelatin can help food solidify, thicken, stabilize, and ventilate. It is a very popular, nutritious and low-fat food ingredient. Edible gelatin itself is a water-soluble protein extracted from collagen, and collagen is the main natural protein component in connective tissue.

Edible gelatin is obtained from the skin and bones of animals through a controlled extraction process. There are many types of edible gelatin. The capsule shell is made of pharmaceutical grade gelatin, which must meet the strict requirements for pharmaceutical products.


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