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What is the difference between gelatin capsules and hypromellose capsules (vegetable capsules)?

Update:21 May 2020

What is the difference between gelatin capsules and hypromellose capsules (vegetable capsules)?
1) The main ingredient of gelatin capsules with different raw materials is medicinal gelatin. Gelatin is derived from collagen in animal skin, tendons and bones. The main component of HPMC capsules is 2-hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, which is usually cellulose produced by plant hydrolysis and is made by etherification.
2) The chemical structure and stability of the capsule shell are different. Lysine remaining in the gelatin may undergo cross-linking reaction, while HPMC is chemically stable and will not undergo cross-linking reaction.
3) Moisture content The water content of gelatin capsules is about 12.5-17.5%, the moisture content of hypromellose hollow capsules is about 4% -6%, and the gelatin capsules will become brittle when the water content is less than 10%, and HPMC Even if the water content of the capsule reaches 1%, it will not become brittle, and it is more suitable for filling water-sensitive contents.
4) Different coating properties The surface of HPMC capsules is rougher than hollow capsules, and the affinity with most enteric coating materials is significantly higher than that of gelatin. The good coating properties of HPMC make it have obvious advantages in the preparation of slow-controlled release coated capsules and targeted formulations.
5) Different additives The main component of gelatin capsules is protein, which is easy to breed microbes and bacteria. Preservatives and bacteriostatic agents need to be added during the production process, so there may be residues on the capsules. Sterilize the bacteria by oxyethane to ensure the microbial control index of the capsule. The HPMC capsules do not need to add any preservatives during the production process, and do not require ethylene oxide to kill bacteria.
6) Different storage conditions. Tests have proved that HPMC capsules are almost not brittle under low humidity conditions, and are still stable under high humidity conditions. There is no problem to store in all climate zones.
Vegetable capsules are hollow gums made from plant cellulose raw materials. Botanical capsules retain the advantages of traditional gelatin capsules: easy to take, effectively mask the taste and smell, and the contents are transparent and visible. Moreover, compared with gelatin capsules, plant capsules have a tight molecular structure, strong sealing properties, and are not easy to breathe. It effectively avoids the oxidation reaction between the medicine and the air; it is not easy to breed fine bacteria, and it is unnecessary to add carcinogens such as ethylene oxide, Irradiation sterilization. All plant capsules use plant ingredients, which are harmless to the body, as well as nutrient ingredients, and are also effective for diabetes and hypertension. It is harmless to the body and also contains nutrients. It also has a curative effect on diabetes and hypertension.


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