What is the hollow capsule kit board?

Update:29 Jun 2021

Hollow Capsule Cover Plate High-precision semi-automatic capsule plate is the first semi-automatic mode, which is based on the traditional capsule filling plate, cover device, capsule nesting machine, and automatic capsule filling machine, through repeated trials and improvements, and the latest launch, The precision of each hole is extremely high. If the hollow capsule B is deformed, it can be fitted normally. It is a high-quality brand agreed in the pharmaceutical industry across the country. It also has many advantages such as fast arranging speed, high automatic arranging rate, and high combined power. Compared with traditional capsule filling plates and suiting devices, it not only saves a lot of manual work, but also increases the output by 4-10 times. It is very popular in laboratories, outpatient departments, clinics, pharmacies, and pharmacies.


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