What is the method to distinguish vegetable capsules and gelatin capsules?

Update:12 Jul 2021

Plant capsules are hollow capsules made from plant cellulose materials.
Plant capsules retain the advantages of traditional gelatin capsules: convenient to take, effective in masking taste and smell, and the contents are transparent and visible. Moreover, compared with gelatin capsules, vegetable capsules have tighter molecular structure, strong sealing, and not easy to breathe, which effectively avoids the oxidation reaction of the medicine and air; it is not easy to breed bacteria, does not need to add ethylene oxide and other carcinogens, and does not require irradiation Sterilize.
The plant capsules all use plant ingredients, which are harmless to the body. At the same time, they contain nutrients and are also effective for diabetes and high blood pressure.

As a new technology, the production of plant capsules adopts international standards. Here are two simple ways to distinguish between plant capsules and gelatin capsules:
Method 1: Water cup, about 1L of room temperature water
Method two: lighter, tweezers, asbestos paper
1. Observe the dissolution in cold water: place the two kinds of capsules in cold water at 25 degrees Celsius, the gelatin capsules gradually expand and do not dissolve; the vegetable capsules gradually dissolve.
2. Observe the burning phenomenon: burn the two kinds of capsules separately, the vegetable capsule produces the smell of burning cotton, and the gelatin capsule produces the smell of burning protein (similar to the smell of burning hair).


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