What's the introduction about empty capsules?

Update:13 Oct 2020

Empty (Vacant) capsule is one of the most common choices for medicine filling, and it has acquired an important position in the industry of medicine manufacture. Since the quality and material of the vacant capsules directly affects the effect and safety in medicine usage, our factory has always been searching for new and good material to improve the quality of the capsule shells, and try to make the best products to our customers.



The empty capsule is a kind of capsule shell with designated colors (prepared at the specific requirement of the customer) and shape made of gelatin as main material. It is usually used as the special packing for those medicines or health products with bad smell, light sensitiveness or labialisation in wet or hot conditions. No bond or additional pressure is required in producing capsules with vacant capsules. In addition, the specific capsules are easy to disintegrate in the gastric juice. Compared with tablets and pills, the capsules can offer a better bioavailability and other advantages in convenient preparation, carriage and usage and safe airproof packing.

Vegetable(cellulose) capsules, different from the traditional glutin capsules, are made of HPMC(hydroxy, propyl, methyl and cellulose) with the basic elements of polysaccharides and plant cell wall. In addition to its advantage in natural concept, it can also promote the absorption and digestion of albumen, fat and carbohydrate, which absent in the traditional glutin capsules. Along with the growing of vegetarianism and the sense of health protection, as well as the influence of the religion etc., the natural vegetable capsule products are rising to the leading position in its industry.

Vegetable capsule is made of HMPC by new technique, it’s a natural high-tech product.

Unlike gelatin capsules, vegetable capsules are made from natural plant cellulose in order to satisfy vegetarian and cultural lifestyle needs. While retaining all the advantages of traditional gelatin capsules, vegetable capsules also starch-free, gelatin-free and contains no preservatives. It does not need to be sterilized with ethyleneoxide.

HPMC(hydroxy, propyl, methyl and cellulose) is made of plant cellulose. It has been widely applied in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutics industries all over the world. HPMC used to produce veg-capsules meet USP/BP standard.

Veg-capsule can also be colored by natural edible colorants, and imprinted with natural printing inks to identify your products in the market. Besides, veg-capsules run smoothly on all kinds of hgh speed and semi-automatic filling machines.

The gastric coated capsules  is a kind of capsule shell with designated colors (prepared at the specific requirement of the customer) and shape made of gelatin and gastric coating as main material. It is a capsule designed with specific target, it’s disintegrating quickly in the gastric juice. It's usually used in the packing of the medicines or health products with excitation to the stomach, labialisation in acid environment or specific requirement to disintegrate in the gastric juice to take effect. The specific gastric-oriented capsules help to promote the effect with a less dosage while reducing the adverse reaction, which is convenient for the patients. In addition, it helps to reduce the degradation to the medicine or health products caused by oral application and supply the best place for absorption.

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