What's the introduction about hollow capsules?

Update:23 Jul 2020

Hollow capsules are one of the most commonly used pharmaceutical filling materials for modern medicines and functional foods. With their unique advantages, they have an indispensable position in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Since the quality of the capsule shell and the manufacturing source directly affect the clinical use effect and safety of the capsule, people have been working hard to improve the quality of the capsule shell and find new manufacturing materials to improve what the current traditional capsule shell cannot meet. Requirements.  
The traditional capsule shell is composed of gelatin, glycerin, water and other substances, which belong to protein substances and are widely used in the pharmaceutical field. Since gelatin capsules have defects such as dehydration and hardening, water absorption and softening, and easy cross-linking and curing reactions when meeting the quality of aldehydes, it is not suitable to fill with content that is easy to absorb moisture, easy to weather, and react with the shell (such as substances containing aldehyde groups). Wait). With the increasing use of hormones and drug abuse in the aquaculture industry in recent years, people have become more and more suspicious of the safety of animal products. The "mad cow disease" sweeping Europe has had a certain impact on the traditional gelatin capsule market. . Therefore, capsule products using natural and plant-based products as raw materials have become people's first choice.  
Vegetable capsules are different from traditional gelatin capsules. They are based on hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) (the raw materials contain polysaccharides and the basic components of plant cell walls). In addition to the advantages of pure natural concepts, vegetable capsules can also increase protein The absorption and digestion of fats and carbohydrates have technical advantages and characteristics that traditional gelatin capsules do not have. With the continuous enhancement of people's self-care awareness, the development of vegetarianism, and the influence of factors such as religion, pure natural and plant-based capsule products will become the leading direction of capsule product development.



(1) Low moisture content; the advantage of not being easy to absorb moisture, overcomes the shortcomings of traditional animal gelatin capsules, is especially beneficial to maintain the stability of the drug inside, and is suitable for drugs with strong hygroscopicity and moisture sensitivity. Many pharmaceutical companies producing antibiotic products have adopted this product in large quantities, such as Penicillin V Potassium Capsules, Cephalexin Trimethoprim Capsules, and Ampicillin Capsules.
(2) For health care products companies, use plant capsules, which have unique advantages, to make preparations. The main ingredient of the seaweed polysaccharide hollow capsule is seaweed polysaccharide gum. The polysaccharide has a wide range of biological activities, such as anti-tumor and immune promotion, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antibacterial coagulation, hypoglycemic, anti-aging and other activities. It is also an important information molecule in the body. (Please refer to the Chinese Journal of Medicine, August 2004, Vol. 39, No. 8) The use of seaweed polysaccharide hollow capsules can improve the product grade and brand value. It provides more possibilities for manufacturers who use seaweed polysaccharide hollow capsules. Generous profits.
(3) Seaweed polysaccharide hollow capsules have a long validity period. The validity period of animal capsules is 9 months, while the validity period of this product is 18 months, which does not require high storage conditions.
(4) There is no risk of cross-linking reaction; it is stable under high humidity, not weathered or brittle in low humidity environment; good toughness and coating uniformity.
(5) Meet the requirements of specific cultural belief groups and vegetarians. Some Islamic countries and regions have resistance to animal capsules. The people who believe in Islam in our country already have a considerable proportion of the total population. Their knowledge of animal capsules is still very limited, and most of them are unknowingly. The current medical products only explain the ingredients of the drugs and the excipients. The ingredients are generally not explained. Once the religious group has some understanding of the ingredients, it may cause new ethnic and religious problems. Therefore, the large-scale promotion of the use of seaweed polysaccharide hollow capsules not only has a positive effect on coordinating ethnic relations and building a harmonious society, but also better conforms to ethnic culture and provides promotional materials for drugs, thereby increasing product sales and improving product quality.
(6) It is suitable for mechanical processing, conforms to the existing model of capsule filling machine, does not need to replace new machine parts, and the probability of use is higher than the national standard.

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