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When storing pharmaceutical hard gelatin empty capsule, do I need to store it in an opaque container or packaging?

Update:13 May 2024

Yes, storing pharmaceutical hard gelatin empty capsules in opaque containers or packaging is recommended to protect them from light exposure. Here's why it's important:
Light Sensitivity: Gelatin capsules are sensitive to light, especially UV light, which can cause degradation of the gelatin material and discoloration of the capsules. Prolonged exposure to light can result in changes in the capsules' physical properties, such as softening or brittleness.
Preservation of Quality: Storing capsules in opaque containers or packaging helps prevent light from reaching the capsules, thus preserving their quality and integrity. This is particularly important for capsules intended for long-term storage, as exposure to light over time can impact their stability and performance.
Product Stability: Protecting capsules from light exposure helps maintain the stability of any sensitive ingredients or formulations that may be filled into the capsules later. Light-sensitive substances, such as certain vitamins, drugs, or herbal extracts, can degrade when exposed to light, leading to reduced efficacy or potency.
Prevention of Discoloration: Opaque packaging helps prevent the capsules from becoming discolored or faded due to exposure to light. Maintaining the capsules' original color is important for product branding, identification, and consumer perception.
When storing pharmaceutical hard gelatin empty capsules, it's best to use opaque containers or packaging that provide adequate protection against light exposure. This can include dark-colored plastic or glass containers, foil-lined pouches, or other light-blocking materials.
By storing capsules in opaque containers or packaging, you can help ensure their quality, stability, and integrity are maintained throughout storage, leading to reliable performance when used in pharmaceutical or nutraceutical products.

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